Guillaume Aubert (AUBERTG)

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Name MetaCPAN Author Date VCS Issues CI Licenses CT Pass CT Fail CT Unknown CT NA Coverage Dashboard Kwalitee Reverse
Perl-Critic-Git CPAN version for Perl-Critic-Git AUBERTG 2018-04-08T01:30:07 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 90.45 Add dashboard 96.88 2
App-GitHooks-Plugin-BlockProductionCommits CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-BlockProductionCommits AUBERTG 2017-03-25T19:16:09 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 90.74 Add dashboard 96.88 0
Test-Type CPAN version for Test-Type AUBERTG 2017-03-23T06:33:02 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 93.57 Add dashboard 96.88 0
Test-Dist-VersionSync CPAN version for Test-Dist-VersionSync AUBERTG 2017-03-23T06:31:35 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 89.47 Add dashboard 96.88 0
Queue-DBI CPAN version for Queue-DBI AUBERTG 2017-03-23T06:26:51 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 80.06 Add dashboard 96.88 0
Perl-Lint-Git CPAN version for Perl-Lint-Git AUBERTG 2017-03-23T06:22:54 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 89.40 Add dashboard 96.88 0
Perl-Critic-Policy-CodeLayout-TabIndentSpaceAlign CPAN version for Perl-Critic-Policy-CodeLayout-TabIndentSpaceAlign AUBERTG 2017-03-23T06:13:35 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 96.19 Add dashboard 96.88 2
Lingua-TH-Numbers CPAN version for Lingua-TH-Numbers AUBERTG 2017-03-23T06:05:28 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 89.74 Add dashboard 96.88 0
IPC-Concurrency-DBI CPAN version for IPC-Concurrency-DBI AUBERTG 2017-03-23T06:00:04 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 89.29 Add dashboard 96.88 0
Git-Repository-Plugin-Blame CPAN version for Git-Repository-Plugin-Blame AUBERTG 2017-03-23T05:55:56 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 94.04 Add dashboard 96.88 5
DBIx-ScopedTransaction CPAN version for DBIx-ScopedTransaction AUBERTG 2017-03-23T05:53:18 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 90.77 Add dashboard 96.88 0
DBIx-NinjaORM CPAN version for DBIx-NinjaORM AUBERTG 2017-03-23T05:51:51 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 64.74 Add dashboard 96.88 0
Data-Validate-Type CPAN version for Data-Validate-Type AUBERTG 2017-03-22T06:30:42 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 95.48 Add dashboard 96.88 38
Business-CyberSource-Report CPAN version for Business-CyberSource-Report AUBERTG 2017-03-22T06:26:43 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 92.18 Add dashboard 96.88 0
Audit-DBI-TT2 CPAN version for Audit-DBI-TT2 AUBERTG 2017-03-21T05:48:43 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 97.87 Add dashboard ?? 0
Audit-DBI CPAN version for Audit-DBI AUBERTG 2017-03-21T05:44:36 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 74.00 Add dashboard 96.88 1
App-GitWorkspaceScanner CPAN version for App-GitWorkspaceScanner AUBERTG 2017-03-20T04:15:24 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 17.22 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-VersionTagsRequireChangelog CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-VersionTagsRequireChangelog AUBERTG 2017-03-20T04:13:52 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 32.29 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-ValidatePODFormat CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-ValidatePODFormat AUBERTG 2017-03-20T04:11:04 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 93.10 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-ValidateChangelogFormat CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-ValidateChangelogFormat AUBERTG 2017-03-20T04:08:16 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 92.52 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-RequireTicketID CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-RequireTicketID AUBERTG 2017-03-20T03:14:45 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 100.00 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-RequireCommitMessage CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-RequireCommitMessage AUBERTG 2017-03-20T03:11:57 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 92.50 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-PrependTicketID CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-PrependTicketID AUBERTG 2017-03-20T01:38:29 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 100.00 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-PgBouncerAuthSyntax CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-PgBouncerAuthSyntax AUBERTG 2017-03-20T01:35:41 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 90.53 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-PerlInterpreter CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-PerlInterpreter AUBERTG 2017-03-20T01:31:38 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 93.33 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-PerlCritic CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-PerlCritic AUBERTG 2017-03-20T01:28:44 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 87.50 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks CPAN version for App-GitHooks AUBERTG 2017-03-19T21:30:33 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 84.38 Add dashboard 96.88 19
App-GitHooks-Plugin-ForceBranchNamePattern CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-ForceBranchNamePattern AUBERTG 2016-07-25T02:55:33 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 94.51 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-PerlCompile CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-PerlCompile AUBERTG 2016-05-22T02:13:51 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 94.74 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-NotifyReleasesToSlack CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-NotifyReleasesToSlack AUBERTG 2016-05-22T02:11:03 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 25.91 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-MatchBranchTicketID CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-MatchBranchTicketID AUBERTG 2016-05-22T01:36:08 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 95.56 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-ForceRegularUpdate CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-ForceRegularUpdate AUBERTG 2016-05-22T01:33:19 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 82.61 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-DetectCommitNoVerify CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-DetectCommitNoVerify AUBERTG 2016-05-22T01:22:57 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 84.75 Add dashboard 96.88 0
App-GitHooks-Plugin-BlockNOCOMMIT CPAN version for App-GitHooks-Plugin-BlockNOCOMMIT AUBERTG 2016-05-21T20:21:40 GitHub GitHub Travis
perl_5 82.61 Add dashboard 96.88 0
Email-ExactTarget CPAN version for Email-ExactTarget AUBERTG 2014-04-21T03:00:32 GitHub GitHub Travis
gpl_3 17.26 Add dashboard 100.00 0